Social Responsibility

The success of our Company represents the success of our current and future employees, clients, partners and collaborators with our organization. In this context, pema electrotehnic electrotehnic Romania has established various partnerships with student associations, non-governmental associations and foundations, being also integral part of other initiatives by which it proposes certain solutions for the problems prevailing in the communities where it develops its activity. Therefore, social responsibility is a management process by which pema electrotehnicRomania desires to contribute to the development of a sustainable and operational Romanian society.

The Company is bound to consider the interests of society and that makes it responsible towards its employees, shareholders, the community and environment. Additionally, the social responsibility of pema electrotehnic Romania represents an integral part of Company business strategy. The organization coRomania and represent the pillars of the activity performed for the benefit of a society characterized on sustainable development.

Responsibility for Our Employees

Our employees motivation and performance are part of our company`s success. Our Human Resources strategy is concentrated on creating continuous professional development opportunities and learning opportunities by organizing vocational and career training courses, transparency and promotion of competences, development of an appreciable organizational culture ~ by retention of staff and development of a pleasant, professional and safe working place. In this context, for pema electrotehnic electrotehnic Romania, our employees represent the main resource essential for the development of the Company, and our primary aim is the care for our employees and their rights, as well as offering numerous professional development opportunities.

Our Company staff benefit from the following:

  • job stability;
  • safe working conditions;
  • development opportunities;
  • recognition of their contribution for creating a concrete added-value, by transparency;
  • career opportunities by internal promotion, following the principle of transparency and meritocracy;
  • training and development opportunities by creating an annual program aiming to satisfy any training needs and continual professional development of our employees;
  • our Company supports and defends health and safety at work for its employees, periodically performing evaluation campaigns for the state of health of our employees, general medical examinations, laboratory testing, flu vaccination and hepatitis prevention, investigations for prevention of cardiovascular diseases, investigations for prevention of debilitating clinical diseases, etc.;
  • optionally, our employees may benefit from volunteer health insurances (these are financed with the help of the employee);

Corporate Volunteering

At pema electrotehnic Romania, we grant important relevance to encourage our employees and/or former employees (currently retired) for their involvement in volunteer activities within our community. Simultaneously, our Company sustains the efforts and involvement for finding solutions to the difficult situations of the Company.

Furthermore, the Executive Management of pema electrotehnic Romania encourages and sustains the participation of our employees as volunteers for various actions and it recommends practical projects which necessitate time and commitment of our employees.


pema electrotehnic Romania treasures the most important future resource ~ the young. In this context, our Company is active in the educational field by partnerships with student associations and other initiatives which implies the involvement of our organization in the professional and personal development of our younger employees (peer learning activities, job-shadowing sessions, etc.). Moreover, our Company aims to develop an internship program and to offer scholarships for excellent students, as well as to endow the libraries of higher educational institutions with specialized books.

Art and culture

pema electrotehnic Romania offer sponsorships for the organization of local festivals, events for students associations and, respectively, for supporting cultural and non-governmental foundations aimed to promote art and culture.

Community Development

pema electrotehnic Romania sustains building and restoration of schools and cultural monuments, priority being given to the areas where our Company can use its products and services..

Humanitarian Actions

At pema electrotehnic Romania considers human resources as the most important segment of our activity, the Executive Management of our Company cannot forget helpless people for which the Company may contribute to the rise of quality of life by donations and support of any other nature between the beneficiaries of such actions of social responsibility, our Company also helps various associations of inactive or retired people originating from various industrial sectors (devices, railway vehicles, automotive, solar industry), and foundations and associations for disabled children.

Note: The decision to use only small letters for the Company`s name is voluntary, belongs to the management of pema electrotehnic Romania and does not represent an editing error. We kindly ask the partners of pema electrotehnic Romania to use this name in all documents which include the Company name! Thank you!